Looking for part time jobs or weekend work in Glasgow?

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom's job market is getting tighter and tighter by the day, there are still a number of excellent part time and evening job opportunities available for anyone who is willing to take a look outside their traditional area of expertise in order to get back into the work force as soon as possible. While we'd all rather find a position that suits our work experience, we know that that's not always possible, so sometimes it's better just to make the most of what we can find and use our days off to search for full times that would be more appropriate given our level of education and work experience.

With this in mind, we have decided to take a look at some of the hot spots for part time jobs or weekend work in Glasgow. Scotland was one of the worst hit areas during this recession but, fortunately, the casual retail employment sector is still very much intact.

As the major providers of part time and weekend employment in Glasgow, companies like ASDA and Tesco can prove invaluable for those of you who want to get back earning as quickly as possible. With a wide range of jobs available across all their Glasgow stores, you should have no problem finding something that suits your schedule.

The most common positions in these stores are as sales assistants. In this position you'll need a pleasant demeanour since you'll be dealing with the public at all times. Your main responsibilities will be to quickly and efficiently serve customers and take payment for their goods in cash, credit card or debit card. The average wage for these positions ranges between £5.15 and £6.10 per hour.


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