Need a weekend job in London?

London is particularly busy at the weekends so there are thousands of additional part-time jobs at the weekend in London.

Within the hospitality industry alone, every weekend there is a great need for increased staffing levels in hotels, guesthouses, bars, nightclubs restaurants and takeaways. The type of staff required ranges from housekeeping staff, porters, waiters and waitresses, bar staff, security personnel to chefs and even takeaway delivery staff.

All the high street stores and supermarkets need additional staff every weekend to cope with the rise in consumer activity. More shop assistants are needed, shelf stackers and grocery packers.

Many working couples with young families like to go out at the weekend to catch up on the week, so babysitters are in great demand.

Opportunities for weekend work in London also exist in the transport sector. Weekend taxi drivers are in demand due to so many more people being out and about and needing to get from A to B.

Call centres employ weekend staff to man the phones at various call centres in the city of London.

Most sporting fixtures take place at the weekend and employment can be found in this area as stewards or programme sellers, even as ice cream or popcorn sellers.

When looking for jobs at the weekend in London one should look up the employment agencies that one can find on the web such as McCarthy Recruitment which specialises in retail jobs or Leisurejobs.co.uk for hotel vacancies. Word of mouth can be useful when trying to find a weekend job. Maybe a friend of yours can point you in the right direction?

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