Plenty of jobs vancouver canada british citizens

Vancouver, one of the most gorgeous cities on earth, is a hugely popular destination for British citizens looking for a change of pace. If you're into outdoor puruits, there's literally no better place on earth to live!

Unfortunately, it's also the city in Canada with the highest rate of unemployment. So finding jobs vancouver canada british citizens can be a little difficult. However, we know where to look, and also have some tips to provide to help make your trip run a little smoother.

Upon touching down in Vancouver, you should make it your business to head along to the SWAP office which is based downtown. SWAP are there to assist new immigrants on getting settled into life in Vancouver, and can help you sort out your Social Insurance Number, as well as pointing you in the direction of employers that are currently hiring.

A lot of casual style jobs in Vancouver are filled using the Vancouver Craigslist page. Each profession has its own category, so you can go on there and search around for the type of job you seek, and leave resumes with prospective employers.

As it's a hot bed for tourism, there are plenty of service jobs in Vancouver, so dropping off your resume at Bars and Cafe's will also pay dividends. It's best however, not to inform prospective employers that you are only on a one year working visa, as they may get cold feet about employing you. Best of luck on your Vancouver job hunt!

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