What you need to know about jobs for a van driver in Hertfordshire

Thw county of Hertfordshire has a diverse range of businesses and opportunities for van drivers are abundant. Hertfordshire is part of the London commuter belt and is well-served by very good road routes. Jobs for a van driver in Hertfordshire can be found with manufacturing companies, couriers and retailers, amongst others.

The county is home to the headquarters of some large companies including Tesco and DSG International. The pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has two manufacturing plants in the county.

Other major employers include Roche in Welwyn Garden City, where more than a 1,000 people work. Nestle Cereal Partners and Pure Digital are also large employers.

Jobseekers can check out these companies websites for vacancies. Alternatively you can contact them directly with a CV and cover letter expressing your interest.

A typical van driver's salary ranges between £13,000 and £22,000 per annum. Some companies may offer bonuses and pay overtime for working in the evening and at weekends.

Many van drivers find employment with courier companies. Couriersoncall and Fastspeedcouriers are reputable companies based in Hertfordshire. Candidates can either apply online or get contact details from these companies websites.

With the advent of online shopping there has been a greater demand for van drivers in the retail industry. Supermarkets like Tesco and Asda require drivers for their home delivery services. Most retail outlets can be contacted via their websites or by picking up an application form in-store.

Many drivers buy their own vehicle and start their own business. Many businesses, like construction and removal companies, offer contract and seasonal work to self-employed drivers.

Opportunities exist for van drivers delivering a wide range of items. An appropriate licence and good driving skills can be the first step to finding jobs as a van driver in Hertfordshire.



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