The best ways to find jobs as a van driver in Bristol

Most jobs as a van driver in Bristol can be found with courier companies, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Drivers can be employed directly or work as sub-contractors. All you need to do the job is to be over 18 with a valid drivers' licence. Many young drivers stating out look for work with agencies where they can gain knowledge and experience in the business.

Courier companies in the area who provide employment for drivers include:

  • Courier Direct
  • Mission Impossible Couriers
  • Priority Express
  • PGQ Courier Services
  • Deltec International Couriers Ltd

Drivers can check for vacancies and apply online via these companies' websites. Alternatively you can apply speculatively with a CV and cover letter.

Jobseekers can also apply to manufacturers operating in Bristol. Major employers include BAE Systems, Imperial Tobacco, Rolls-Royce, Hewlett Packard and Intel.

Drivers can find employment with retailers in Bristol. There are over 400 shops located in the Broadmead Shopping Centre alone. Application forms can be picked up in store.

Distribution and warehousing requires it's share of van drivers. Companies operating in the sector in Bristol include:

  • Gillards Worldwide Warehousing & Distribution; Marsh Lane, Temple Cloud, Bristol. Tel: 01761 452 530.
  • I.J. McGill Transport Ltd.; Broadmead Lane, Keynsham, Bristol. Tel: 0117 986 1777.

Jobseekers can use newspapers, Job Centres, job sites and recruitment agencies to find vacancies. Some of the better known jobsites catering for van drivers include drivingvacancies.co.uk, drivingjobs.co.uk and driverhire.co.uk.

Recruitment agencies which can help finding jobs as a van driver in Bristol include:

  • ADR Network; Patchway Trading Estate, Britannia Road, Patchway, Bristol. Tel: 0117 906 2267.
  • eRecruit Solutions; Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol. Tel: 0117 929 9441.


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