We look for the best way to find jobs vacancies in Leicester

Spending most of your day sitting in front of a computer while searching dozens and dozens of different job sites for positions that might possibly fit your criteria is never fun, however that is something that has become the reality of life for countless people these days. As the unemployment rate continues to rise so too will the usage of online job sites, and with that increased use will come even more competition in the job search market - which is the last thing any of us need right now.

The truth is that, for the time being at least, the idea of confining your job search entirely to the internet is something that simply won't work any more. Once the economy starts to pick up again and there are an increased number of jobs becoming available, then perhaps these sites might reclaim their glory days of actually being realistic approaches to finding work, but until then we're going to have to think outside the box.

Although to call it thinking outside the box is something of a misnomer, in fact it's simply thinking inside the same box that we used to think inside before the arrival of the internet. In other worse, if you want to stand the best chance of being successful in your search for jobs vacancies in Leicester then you're going to need to head off line for a change.

Print up copies of your CV and take a look at the businesses that suit your skills in the Leicester area. Once you've got your list drawn up, try to make an appointment to speak with management at each of them if possible, or simply turn up ad hoc and hope for the opportunity to grab a quick word.

It's not going to work in the majority of cases, but by focussing on the high density business centres like the Innovation Centre at 49 Oxford Street, Action Business Centre on Swan Street and the Beaumont Enterprise Centre you're at least going to be able to try your luck multiple times per trip!


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