Working Abroad: Jobs in the USA for Brits

Most jobs in the USA require Brits to have some type of visa. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to immigrate or get a green card, but you will have to complete a separate visa application, even for an exchange program.

Jobs with an H Class Visa

Outside of a green card, the H1-B visa probably opens up the most jobs in the USA for Brits. However, the requirements for the visa are stringent and the numbers of available visas limited.

You will need to find an employer willing to sponsor you for the position, and also certify that the number of US citizens available to do the work are in short supply. Proof of your qualifications -- typically at least a bachelors degree -- will be required.

The types of jobs frequently providing H1-B visas include information technology professionals or scientists who are skilled in their field.

Jobs with a P Class Visa

If you are a uniquely talented athlete, artist or entertainer, you may take a position in the USA under a P-1 (professional) visa.

Jobs with an F Class Visa

Students enter the USA on an F visa. This type of visa is probably the easiest to obtain, but allows only for limited work experience -- "optional practical training," or "OPT" -- for a year after completion of studies. The job will need to be related to the student's studies. Students can also work part time while completing their course.

Jobs with an R Class Visa

If you are a Brit who is entering the USA to carry out religious work for a religious organization in the US, you can work with an R-1 visa.

Jobs with an L Class Visa

UK citizens who work for a multinational employer can be transferred to the US on an L visa. You will need to find employment with a global company, based in both locations, to be eligible.

Jobs with a J Class Visa

Get a temporary job working at a summer camp or teaching in the USA, for example. BUNAC is an organization that helps find jobs in the USA for Brits, and provides resources to help get the J visa during gap years or simply for short term employment.

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