Everything you need to know about jobs at Uniqlo part time

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Uniqlo are one of the largest retail businesses in the world. They provide a fun, fast paced, and dynamic environment to work in, with a presence in 11 countries worldwide including China, the USA and the UK. As with nearly all retail outlets, you can find jobs at Uniqlo part time.

Their most common part time position is that of a sales associate. You will need to have exceptional customer service skills as you will greet and assist customers' as they enter the store. You will be responsible for meeting and exceeding customers expectations by listening to their needs, finding suitable products and closing the sale. The typical day to day responsibilities of a sales associate at Uniqlo include:

  • Meet and exceed monthly sales targets
  • Maintain high operational standards
  • Manage the needs of the customer
  • Act as cashier when closing all sales
  • Identify and resolve issues in the store
  • Provide product and brand knowledge to customers

Uniqlo offer a range of great benefits working with them including a 30% annual bonus and 30% staff discount. You also get a very competitive hourly rate of pay.

You can apply for jobs at Uniqlo part time by simply dropping your most recent CV into one of their stores. Ensure that any previous experience is relevant and that your CV is free from spelling or grammar mistakes.

You can even apply online for any jobs that become available in their UK stores. You can visit their website at uniqlo.com/uk. Log onto their website now and find out what positions are available for you.

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