Find top quality jobs in Ulster today

Ulster has a varied and dynamic local economy that's constantly creating vacancies. Jobs in Ulster can be found in a wide range of sectors, including engineering, tourism, manufacturing and retail. There are positions for everyone in Ulster, regardless of the skills, qualifications and experience they hold.

Engineering is one of the most important industries in Ulster. There are a number of world famous engineering firms located here, creating a constant stream of top quality job opportunities. The majority of the positions are concentrated in and around Belfast City.

The largest employer in the engineering sector in Ulster is Bombardier Aerospace. Many of the vacancies with Bombardier Aerospace require a degree in engineering. Salaries in the engineering industry are extremely competitive and for the top positions often exceed 50k.

They're by no means the only important employers in the engineering sector in Ulster. Caterpillar, DuPont, Emerson Electric, Northbrook Technology, Seagate and NACCO are all industry leading companies presenting superb opportunities for employment.

Tourism is also a crucial industry to Ulster's jobs market. Belfast, Derry/L'Derry and the Giant's Causeway are all major tourist attractions. Jobs in tourism in Ulster can be found in a vast number of areas. Hospitality and catering is obviously one of the main beneficiaries of the large numbers of visitors to the province.

Many of the catering and hospitality jobs in Ulster can be picked up without any qualifications or experience. Wages are generally at the lower end of the scale in these positions. You'll find hundreds of vacancies on job sites such as Ulster Jobs, NI Jobs and Careerjet.


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