We look at potential jobs at Trinity Walk in Wakefield

As one of the newest shopping centres in the United Kingdom, Wakefield's Trinity Walk offers shoppers one of the freshest and most enjoyable shopping experiences to be found anywhere in the country. And at the heart of this excellent shopping experience are the staff who make it all happen.

With more than sixty different stores found within the new shopping centre, there have been hundreds of new jobs created and many more still to be filled. Due to the high turnover rate in part time retail workers, there are always plenty of potential jobs at Trinity Walk in Wakefield.

Like all jobs, we recommend that you try to find something that appeals to you, whether that be fashion, electronics, food, music, video games or just general retail work. If you have previous managerial experience in the retail sector you should be able to find something similar in Trinity Walk, especially if you have rock solid references and a good CV. For these kind of positions you can expect to earn between £6.90 and £7.47 per hour, but this will very much depend on the level of experience you have, as well as the store in question.

For the most part, the positions available will be entry level part time or casual retail positions focussed on direct customer service. New recruits will usually find themselves serving customers behind the tills, so it is helpful to have a little previous retail experience, even if it was just at a local corner shop. For these entry level roles you will be unlikely to make more than the national minimum wage of £5.93 per hour, but this can increase as you prove your worth to the store.


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