Inspiration for jobs to do from home in the UK

There are a huge variety of jobs to do from home in the UK. In fact, the modern telecommuter enjoys a huge choice of inustries, roles and employers. Here are some ideas for work from home jobs:

  1. Selling goods on eBay
  2. Pet sitting
  3. Website evaluating
  4. Freelance writing
  5. Website design
  6. Selling homemade arts and crafts
  7. Leaflet and brochure design
  8. Pet sitting
  9. Child minding
  10. Telesales
  11. Stuffing envelopes
  12. Typing up audio transcripts
  13. Filling in paid surveys
  14. Internet research
  15. Market research
  16. Building animal enclosures
  17. Answering a celebrity's fan mail
  18. Home based travel agent
  19. Proofreading
  20. Wholesaling
  21. Becoming an Avon representative
  22. Affiliate marketing
  23. Data entry
  24. Online trading
  25. Blogging
  26. Home based recruiter
  27. Party planner
  28. Internet counsellor
  29. Gift basket producer
  30. Baking home made treats
  31. Pet grooming
  32. Home based hairdresser
  33. Answering service
  34. Bridal consultancy service
  35. Desktop publishing
  36. Family history researcher
  37. Freelance photographer
  38. Online tutoring
  39. Newsletter service
  40. CV and cover letter writing business
  41. eBook author
  42. Virtual secretary / virtual assistant
  43. Scrap-booking business
  44. Bee keeping
  45. Bicycle repairs
  46. Book binding
  47. Bookkeeping
  48. Calligraphy
  49. Clothing alterations
  50. Computer repairs
  51. Debt collection
  52. Flower arranger
  53. Freelance editor
  54. Earthworm farmer
  55. Pet breeder
  56. Laundry service
  57. Ironing service
  58. Picture framing
  59. Income tax preparation
  60. Auditing
  61. Freelance translation

One of the many opportunities that people overlook is the opportunity to perform their current, office-based, job from home. An estimated 20% of Britons could continue fulfilling their jobs from home. If you think you have what it takes to be a successful telecommuter, contact your HR department to see if they have a work from home scheme in place. If not, prepare a detailed work from home proposal for your manager.

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