Jobs to do from home: packing envelopes is a scam

There are plenty of genuine jobs to do from home. Unfortunately, packing envelopes often turns out to be a scam.

This is a particularly cruel scam, as it exploits the applicant's desire to make some honest money. The people who lose their money are often the people who need it most - those who are looking for a job or those who already have a job but need to work some extra hours to make ends meet.

The scam works as follows: a recruiter will advertise a vacancy for stuffing envelopes. They will often promise generous (and unrealistic) rates of pay, such as £25 per hour or £4 per envelope stuffed. The advertisement may contain testimonials in order to convince people that it is a genuinely good opportunity.

However, as you might suspect, there is a catch - the applicant will have to pay some sort of upfront fee in order to get started. This could take the form of a joining or sign up fee, or it could be for a starter pack or instruction manual. The fee often amounts to £50 or more.

Once you have paid this money, you may never hear from the "company" again. The scammer takes a number of upfront fees and simply disappears. However, more often you do receive a pack - but it's not about stuffing envelopes like you were expecting.

Instead you'll receive instructions on how to continue the scam. You'll be asked to recruit more people and collect their sign up fees. This is a pyramid scheme, and almost everyone who gets involved loses their money.

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