Jobs that changed because of the internet

Technology changes lead to major shifts in the way we work. You only need to ask a newsagent or a postman about the effect the web has on their industry to know that the world wide web, and the introduction of broadband internet in particular, has changed the way certain industries operate.

Recruitment agencies

The first job that’s changed as a result of the web is recruitment. The recruitment agent used to review local newspapers for job adverts before calling the company who had listed the job and suggesting that the agency could find someone better and quicker than they could using newspaper adverts. With the introduction of the web, the recruiter has changed but the employee has also changed. Employees put so much information about themselves online that they make the recruitment consultant’s job way too easy.

Office workers

Before the World Wide Web took prominence in our lives firms were more reluctant to centralise their support functions. Admin workers really needed to be in the same office as the sales and technical guys who made the admin but that’s changed so dramatically that workers in support functions no longer worry that their jobs will be sent from the south of England to the north or even to Scotland, but that they’ll be replaced by workers in far-flung corners of the world.


Journalism has been hard hit by the web. People expect to read their news now and they expect to do so without having to pay so that means less money in the pot to pay writers, photojournalists and editors. This is an industry that’s changed so much with the introduction of the web, and some of the changes are for the better. The web makes it clearer to journalists what stories are newsworthy, and social media shows writers what the world is interested in, so this is an industry that both benefits and suffers from this new technology.

Final word

Although the changes the web has brought about have affected these industries, they continue to survive. The web threatens to make some jobs obsolete within the next 2 decades.

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