Jobs than could disappear in 20 years

Job roles change over time, and ultimately some disappear for good as we find cheaper and more efficient ways to doing those tasks. The internet is to blame for some of the following job losses, but the march of new technology has always cost people their livelihoods so let’s not get too down about the world wide web.

Postal service

The most obvious example of the sort of job that the rise of the web has limited. With email and more virtual goods (think music and movies for example) the need for a person to carry your products to your door is declining. Projections in the USA show that their postal service will have lowered by 26% in 10 years’ time. No one’s sure what the situation will be 10 years after that.

Fast food

This next one’s not affected by technology changes but by social movements. As people become more interested in the food they consume and the way it affects their bodies they consume less junk food. Fast food is the king of junk food with all the associated health issues so experts believe that a steady decline in work for people within fast food places will follow in the next two decades. Whether the likes of McDonalds and KFC die out or change beyond recognition in order to stay in business remains to be seen.

Data entry

Data entry work is already declining. The easier it is for the people creating the data to get it on the system, the more likely it is that this sort of job will disappear. If a salesperson can get their clients information onto the system without adversely affecting their chances of making sales, data entry clerks become null and void.


This is another industry affected by the internet. Why read yesterday’s news on smudgy white paper when your tablet PC tells you what’s happening right now across the globe? This one’s surely and industry that will die its death in the near future.

Filing clerks

In most UK businesses filing clerks are no longer necessary. In countries where there remains a need for someone to file the paperwork, that need is dying out slowly too. Within the next two decades this will definitely be a job that becomes extinct in the office.

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