Search for jobs in Tewkesbury

It has not been that easy finding jobs in Tewkesbury since the 19th century. Traditionally it was a market town serving the local Gloucestershire rural community. Later it developed a busy trade in milling, but in recent years it has been in decline, with several local industries and businesses closing down in the 1990s.

There is a large armed forces vehicle supply and maintenance depot located at nearby Ashchurch which employs a skilled workforce, and there may be opportunities advertised in local Job Centres.

Aircraft parts production began in the area in the Second World War, and there is still a light engineering presence in this part of Gloucestershire. Nearby, financial services businesses are important local employers, with the national headquarters of Endsleigh Insurance (endsleigh.co.uk) based at Shurdington.

The closest you'll find to a local newspaper classified jobs section is in the Tewkesbury Ad Mag (tewkesburyadmag.co.uk). Check the jobs section in print or online. Register at the site to save your searches, receive email alerts and upload your CV to catch the eye of potential employers.

The Gumtree Gloucester site (Gumtree.com) regularly features jobs in Tewkesbury. These are weighted towards service sector vacancies, particularly in pubs, restaurants and cafes.

If kitchen or waiting jobs in Tewkesbury are what you are looking for, check the Gumtree listings regularly as there tends to be a fast turnover for this kind of work. Register with the site to save your searches, so you can find a contact number or address quickly, without having to go back through all the listings.

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