Jobs Available with Tesco in Manchester

Tesco is an enormous international retail company. In fact it is the third largest retail business in the world and employs almost 500,000 staff worldwide. There are over 40 Tesco stores in the Manchester area alone, all of which employ staff at various levels of the service and management structure. Those who would like to apply for jobs with Tesco in Manchester are advised to first read the Tesco careers website at http://www.tesco-careers.com.

Job Opportunities:

Careers with Tesco can be divided into three categories - Head Office, In Store and Graduate Opportunities. Most people will be familiar with the In Store positions, having interacted with Tesco staff working in this capacity. In Store positions vary depending on the type of store in question. As Tesco operates five distinct store formats roles and hours may vary. Part-time, full-time and seasonal store positions are generally available. Further information on In Store roles and vacancies can be found at http://stores.tesco-careers.com.

Head Office positions generally require applicants with qualifications of some kind. Tesco has need of IT professionals, accountants, logistics mangers, operations managers etc. However all Tesco employees have good prospects for career development. Over 80% of managers in Tesco are recruited from within the company. Extensive training opportunities are offered, including apprenticeships and Options Development programmes. In fact, the company's current Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy, began work with Tesco as a management trainee.

Further information on jobs with Tesco in Manchester and elsewhere can be found on the Tesco careers website, at http://www.tesco-careers.com.

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