What you need to know regarding jobs with Target Express Ireland

Jobs with Target Express Ireland involve helping get packages of all sizes to their destination. The goal is to deliver the packages quickly without subjecting the contents to damage. As a result, employees must follow rules and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Company Information

Target Express launched in 1988. The delivery service operates in more than 25 locations throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company owns hundreds of delivery vans and trucks that make twice daily deliveries to residential areas and businesses. Target Express hires a full staff of drivers and office workers. Employees handle packaging, inventory, pick-ups and deliveries.

Target Express also provides customised shipping services dealing with garments that make sure they hang from special racks during shipping. This eliminates garments from becoming creased or wrinkled during transit. Market Link provides fast delivery of promotional materials from one location to another.

Applying for Work with Target Express

If you're interested in becoming a driver for Target Express, fill out the online application at target-express.com. Drivers must have a spotless CE license and experience trucking in Ireland and across the channel. Due to insurance purposes, drivers must be 25 or older. Fork lift experience is recommended. Drivers must fluently speak and write in English. The company does ask that applicants live within commuting range of the warehouse and are willing to work on weekends. Delivery drivers earn approximately €28,000 per year.

Target Express also hires office and warehouse workers. Warehouse workers learn to run the GPS computer system that tracks the location of packages at that precise moment. Real-time tracking makes it possible to inform the customer of the exact location of their package leading to happier clientele. It also helps track down packages should they go missing. Payroll, customer service and scheduling are other important non-driving positions. Salaries for non-driver positions depend on the job and worker's experience.


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