Jobs on the Tar Sands in Canada

If you drive a car or use oil as a source of heating fuel you will be aware that oil and petroleum prices are currently on the rise. Therefore these fuels are in high demand and the industries which harvest these resources are booming. This can be seen with the number of jobs on the tar sands in Canada that are currently available to applicants worldwide.

As the name suggests, tar sands are areas where certain geological factors have combined to create pools of oils which are literally sitting on the surface of the sand. These oils are used to create petroleum, gasoline and diesel, and are valuable natural resources in Canada. In fact 40% of the oil that is exported by Canada is harvested from the tar sands. Indeed Canada is currently the only country in the world that has job opportunities in this field.

Job Opportunities

The oil harvesting industry generates a considerable number of jobs on the tar sands in Canada. Much of the mechanics of removing the oil from the tar sands involves the construction of specially designed apparatus, which must then be operated by technicians. Therefore construction positions exist, along with opportunities for pipeline operators, engineers, haulers, drivers, etc. Many of the jobs on the tar sands in Canada require minimal training, and regardless of experience or qualifications it is possible for migrant workers to gain employment in this industry.

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