If you need hairdressing jobs in Sussex, check this guide out

Finding Sussex hairdressing jobs isn't quite as straightforward as it used to be. Up until recently it was not necessary to have any kind of formal qualification in the art of hairdressing before being considered for a trainee position within an established salon or hairdressers. However due to the increased level of competition found within all sections of the beauty industry this is something that has changed.

While it's still not technically necessary to have any qualifications or formal training, hairdressers these days are more concerned with ensuring that they bring in the right person who has an idea what will be expected of them rather than taking a gamble on someone who has never cut hair before.

This means that it'll really stand to your advantage if you get out there and take either the SVQ or NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 course. Not only will you learn all the practical elements of cutting hair, but you'll also pick up quite a lot of useful information about the business side of the hairdressing game. This will make you an extremely attractive proposition to a number of hairdressers.

Once you have gained your qualification, you can take a look at some of the local hairdressing salons in the area and enquire if they will take you on as a trainee. As a trainee you'll earn £5.93 per hour for cleaning up, making tea and doing very little cutting of hair, however everything you learn from the more experienced hairdressers will prove to be invaluable to you. Once you're qualified, you can expect to earn as much as £19,000 per year within about five years.

We recommend checking out the following salons for potential hairdressing jobs in Sussex;

  • Hair Essentials, 21 Market Place, The Marlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
  • Catwalk, 30 Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
  • Avant Garde, 28 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex
  • Front Cover, 37 Station Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex


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