Check out these jobs summer Ireland 2011 July Sept

Summer is that time where students are finally out of school for the year and they look to take on some summer work to help them pay for their next school year's tuition. Are you one of these students and do you live in Ireland? Well you are in luck. We will be taking a look at some possible jobs summer Ireland 2011 July Sept.

A couple of great places to check out in your area are shopping centres and supermarkets. These places offer a variety of different positions, suck as working in the bakery or deli of a supermarket, selling cellular phones in an electronics store, helping people find clothes in a fashion store, or just serving food at a restaurant. As well, these stores and locations have flexible hours and you can earn between 8.65 to 9.00 Euro per hour, as in line with the change to minimum wage implemented in Ireland on July 1st 2011.

If you are looking for something a bit more administrative, why not apply to a temping agency and look for a job as a receptionist. To fulfill the job requirements, you are going to need to be a speedy and accurate typer who can work in high pressure situations taking dictation on things that will only be said once. As well, you will need to be well versed in using the Microsoft Office Suite and maneuvering through the internet. Another essential aspect to this job is having an excellent telephone manner, because you will be the first line of communication for the business. If this interests you then know that you can earn about 1200 Euro per month.

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