Are you looking for jobs for summer in Kent?

If you're interested in finding jobs for summer in Kent then there is only one place to look in order to ensure a swift and pain-free job search. We are of course referring to the retail industry. As one of the major employers of temporary and part-time work in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Kent area, the retail sector offers plenty of potential job opportunities for those of you searching for a summer job.

Whether you're a student looking to earn some money in order to make the school year a little bit easier, someone with a new family who would prefer not to have a full-time job keeping them away from their young children, are simply somebody who already has a full-time job and searching a little additional income in order to make things a little bit easier on the financial front, there are numerous opportunities available for you in Kent today.

Whether or not you already have previous experience working in the retail sector is not a particularly big issue. All the necessary training will be provided on the job to ensure that you get up to speed with the tasks at hand in a prompt and timely fashion.

The majority of jobs available for summer in Kent work in the retail sector tend to be entry-level sales assistant positions which pay around £5.93 per hour. In this role it will be your job to ensure that customers have an enjoyable and satisfactory shopping experience at all times.

You will need to assist customers with any queries they may have, conduct all transactions for goods, whether that means cash, debit or credit card transactions, ensure that the store is clean and tidy at all times and that everything is well-stocked.

In order to make your search as quick as possible, we recommend focusing your attention on the stores found within some of the bigger shopping centres in the Kent area. If you're not familiar with the these shopping centres, we have compiled a list to help:

  • Bluewater Shopping Centre
  • Ashford Shopping Centre
  • Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre
  • Ashford Designer Outlet


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