Fun jobs for students in Glasgow

There are loads of jobs for students in Glasgow. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and the UK's third largest. This creates all sorts of jobs for students. A way of having fun whilst getting paid to work is to work at summer festivals. Applications are now been taken to work at a range of UK weekend festivals.

Festaff.co.uk is the leading supplier of workers to major festivals in The UK. They are currently taking applications for the positions of:

  • Gate steward
  • Steward
  • Ticket Ripper
  • Leaf letter
  • Camper steward
  • Information point steward
  • Recycling operative
  • Litter picker
  • Bar staff

Festaff.co.uk work in conjunction with many leading UK festivals including Rewind, T in the park, Creamfields and Oxegen.

To apply for any of these positions you must do so online. Applicants need to have at hand their NI number, passport photo and a referee. As a new measure to their site, applicants must now pay a £25 fee per festival that they wish to apply to. This money is refundable on the last day of the festival if you have been accepted or within one week if your application is not successful.

If there is a group of friends who wish to apply together, this is not a problem. There is a prompt on the application that will make it possible to join as a group. Wages for these festivals are usually a free weekend ticket as well as earning the minimum wage for each hour worked. Workers are required to work two shifts over the weekend.

For more information, please visit festaff.co.uk.



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