We check out some opportunities for jobs with Static Security in London

Based at Unit F18, Birch House, Birch Walk, Erith, DA8 1QX, one of the most exclusive areas in and around London, Static Security is one of the fastest growing security companies in the United Kingdom today.

Despite its modest roots, Static has quickly made a reputation for itself by building up a great deal of trust with its customers. By proving itself to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy new security companies on the block, Static is fast becoming one of the go to security solutions for many companies based in London and beyond.

If you have decided that you'd like to work in the security business, then you'll need to get yourself an SIA license. You can apply for the type of license relevant to the line of work you would like to become involved in by heading over to sia.homeoffice.gov.uk today for all the relevant information.

Without the appropriate SIA license, you'll have very little chance of finding jobs with Static Security in London, or with any other reputable security company in the United Kingdom for that matter. It doesn't cost a huge amount and it'll pay for itself very quickly, so there's absolutely no reason for you not to have one if security work is something you aspire to be involved with.

When applying for work with Static via their website at staticsecuritylondon.com, you'll need to decide which are of work best suits you. They offer a number of services to their clients including retail, store detectives, industrial, events and entertainment, residential, CCTV systems, control centre operation, TQA and emergency call out services.

For more information you can call Static Security now on 01322 43344 to speak to a member of staff. best of luck in your hunt for a new security job!

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