Fantastic jobs in South Yorkshire up for grabs

Despite the economic downturn, there are areas of the country that are still providing employment opportunities on a large scale. One of these places is South Yorkshire. Jobs in South Yorkshire can be found in a number of industries, including finance, admin, retail, legal, health and government.

It's an obvious fact that most of the vacancies are found in the largest cities and towns in the county. So if you're looking for work in South Yorkshire, it's a very good idea to pay special attention to Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.

Job search websites are the quickest and easiest way of ascertaining what jobs in South Yorkshire are available. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed are all excellent websites where you can source vacancies in a wide range of industries.

New vacancies are added to the sites every day, so register for email alerts of positions that fall into your category of interest. Being one of the first to apply for a job is never a bad thing.

You'll need to provide the job site with an up to date CV before you can apply for any of the vacancies advertised. Never use a CV that is more than 3 months old and you should tailor your CV for every job you apply for. A good way of doing this is by researching the company's website and looking out for key words and phrases they use. Including them in your CV is sure to catch the attention of employers.

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