Delivering quality jobs with Sodexo cleaning services

Sodexo has 43,000 employees, in Ireland and the UK alone. Jobs with Sodexo cleaning services can be found across a broad range of industries from schools to leisure cruises. While the company has all the benefits of being a global organisation, they make a point of working with clients at a local level, providing cleaning services that fit people's requirements.

Whether it's multiple cleaning services at numerous locations, or just a handful of services at one site, Sodexo have the expertise, flexibility and staff to deliver.

Sodexo porvides cleaning services to the education and the healthcare sectors. They work with the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce. They have unrivalled cleaning services for coporate hospitality occasions, conferences and events, museums, leisure attractions and sporting stadia.

In the UK, the company specialises in providing on-site cleaning services to the oil, gas and construction industries, managing more than 140 sites; 110 of which are offshore. Cleaning staff are often working in challenging and remote conditions such as drilling rigs in the North Sea.

Applying for Sodexo cleaning jobs is not too difficult. The online job application form makes applying for a job staightforward. The company answer all applications appropriately and if you're invited for interview, you will be sent an an information pack. Sodexo offers a benefits package that includes perks such as private medical insurance, travel insurance and pension scheme.

Jobs with Sodexo cleaning services can offer you a diverse and rewarding career. It's never easy starting a new job, but Sodexo are focused on providing you with the tools to help you integrate quickly and hit the ground running.

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