Are you on the lookout for jobs in social work in Galway?

Looking to get into a career that offers more than just money? If you want to give something back to the community then a job as a social worker is the perfect way to do it. If you are based in the west of Ireland then the good news is there are currently plenty of openings for jobs in social work in Galway. In this blog we'll be listing the best sites to snag these jobs.

While there may not be as many social worker jobs in Galway as Dublin, there are still plenty of jobs going right now in this rewarding field. If you are seeking one of these jobs then your first port of call should probably be Irish Jobs, which is one of the largest recruiting websites operating in Ireland. You can find them online at irishjobs.ie. This site allows you to search by job, and also by area, so you can track down all of the social worker jobs in Galway quite easily.

If you are looking for something more on the childcare side of social work, then we recommend you check out the specialist Childcare section on jobs site Loadza Jobs, which you can find at loadzajobs.ie/childcare-jobs. This section again details all of the current openings in the Galway region, meaning you have a nice overview of everything on offer.

The final site we suggest you check out is the Health Service Executive's website at HSE.ie. This site is the official government site for all healthcare jobs, and they have an extensive section for all aspects of social work. Just search by Galway to find all of the current available jobs.

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