We look at some opportunities for finding jobs in social care in Bolton

We have huge respect for anyone who works in the social care industry these days. It is an exceptionally tough job, and often a thankless one, that puts people on the line both emotionally and physically all day every day. It's certainly not the kind of job where you can turn everything off when you leave for the evening either, which means you need absolute dedication to the cause in order to be successful at what you do.

It can be very tough to find jobs in social care in Bolton these days, but there are a number of places that we recommend you try out in order to give yourself the best chance. While this is by no means a complete list, we hope that it will serve to give you some inspiration and ideas in order to help you getting back into work and giving people across Bolton the help they so desperately need in times of trouble or hardship.

Reed Social Care, based at 55 Spring Gardens in Manchester specialise in recruiting the most talented social care workers that the Lancashire area has to offer. On their website at reedglobal.com you can find out plenty of information that can help your search quite a bit. You'll also be able to contact them at 0161 228 2431 in order to discuss how they can help you find the position you so desperately crave.

There are also a number of positions that crop up every now and then working for Bolton City Council in the social care sector. As one of the major employers in the Bolton area, Bolton City Council represent an excellent employment opportunity and a real chance to grow into your position with a large amount of on the job training and courses on offer to you. For more information check out bolton.gov.uk today.

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