Where to find jobs for a senior beauty therapist

Jobs for a senior beauty therapist can be sought from salons, health spas, hotel and leisure complexes and a whole host of other organisations. Their roles can vary according to the venue and treatments that they will be asked to undertake.

Senior beauty therapists may be responsible for undertaking and overseeing an array of beauty treatments within a salon or beauty environment. Jobs for a senior beauty therapist can be found on many of the leading jobs websites such as Monster, Total Jobs, Indeed, and the Jobcentre Plus website. If you are looking for jobs in your local area, firstly consult local salons to ascertain whether they are recruiting for any staff. Also consider whether self employment is an option, either through setting up your own mobile business or renting a chair in an already existing salon.

Senior beauty therapists may also have sufficient experience to undertake a teaching the lifelong learning sector qualification which will allow them to lecture and teach classes in the industry. If you would like to be a teacher, you will have to complete the NVQ Level 4 qualification and have significant knowledge and experience of beauty therapy, the different treatments, the various products and significant expertise within the beauty industry.

A teacher can work in a training centre or college and they can be responsible for leading classes, setting assignments, undertaking assessments and verifying portfolios of evidence to be submitted to awarding bodies. Local colleges or beauty schools will be able to provide further information on pursuing a teaching career in beauty.

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