How to find jobs as a security officer in Leeds

Security officer requirements generally include a license, a criminal background check and physical fitness. As a security officer you are responsible for the protection of people, property, assets and operations. Following a few guidelines it is not too difficult to find jobs as a security officer in Leeds.

If you want to work as a security officer in Leeds it is essential that you are trained properly. The Security Industry Association (SIA) is responsible for the compulsory licensing of individuals working in the industry. The SIA along with accredited organisations conduct training courses nation-wide. You must also sit and pass an exam, and the timescale from training to receiving your licence is approximately 6 weeks. Finally you must pass all reference and security checks to be granted a licence.

Armed with your licence you can start looking for jobs in a variety of ways. Perhaps the best way is to apply directly to security companies in Leeds. A quick browse on the internet will give you numerous names and contact details. Many of these companies allow you to submit a job application via their websites.

Alternatively you can post a CV to company addresses, give them a ring or even call in personally to inquire about vacancies. If you make a good impression and there is a situation vacant, they might just employ you.

Jobsites such as jobisjob.co.uk and indeed.co.uk have listings of current vacancies for security officers in Leeds. Sometimes local recruitment and temping agencies are the first to learn of situations vacant. Newspapers, job centres and radio stations are resources not to be overlooked by jobseekers.

There are many employment tools at a jobseekers disposal to enable him or her to find jobs as a security officer in Leeds. Using any or all of these can help minimise the strain of finding work and maximise the return when you do!

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