Have you always dreamt of working jobs as a security officer in Kent?

With the United Kingdom's economy the way it is right now, more and more people are deciding to take a chance and move into a new career while things are slow on the job front. One of the most popular industries for people to move into right now is the security industry. Even though you might not think it, the security industry is one of the most fast moving and progressive in the world right now.

While other sectors have been struggling with the global recession, security companies have been finding that they are now more in demand than ever, as companies across the country are finally beginning to realise just how important it is for them to protect all their assets.

There are a wide range of different jobs as a security officer in Kent available right now, however before you can start applying for them you're going to need to get yourself an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. This license is mandatory for everyone who wants to work within the security industry in the United Kingdom these days, so attaining the right kind of license for the jobs you are interested in should be a priority. You can find out more at sia.gov.uk today.

Once you have the appropriate license, you can start looking at security companies for employment prospects. There are now dozens of large companies located all across the Kent area. We recommend you check out the following;

  • Ashford Security, 312 Hythe Road, Ashford
  • Red Alert, Unit 3, The Oak Trees Business Park, The Courtyard, Sevington, Ashford
  • Right Guart, 34 Simmonds Road, Wincheap Industrial Estate, Canterbury
  • Amey Security, The Flat, 52 High Street, Sittingbourne
  • Home Guard Alarms, 9 Market Street, Faversham


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