Hundreds of jobs in security available in London

The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and is this is creating a steady stream of employment opportunities for job seekers. Jobs in security in London are widely available and can be found in just a few minutes online.

Some of the job search websites that are worth keeping a close eye on when you're looking for security jobs in London include Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed. They're updated with new vacancies on a regular basis, so drop in on them as often as you like and search for new positions.

The most important thing to do when you're using job sites to find employment is upload a CV. Without doing this, you can't apply for any of the advertised positions. It also creates the possibility of being headhunted for positions by the many employers and recruitment agencies who use these sites when they're recruiting staff.

There are very few requirements for security jobs in London. The most important qualification is the SIA licence. This can be obtained by completing the SIA training course, which is available from providers such as AAB Training, Train 2 Protect and Get Licensed. You can book the course online today for just £95.

There are three types of SIA courses available, and each one deals with a different area of the security industry. Security guard courses, doorman supervisor courses and CCTV operator courses are the options open to anyone interested in working in the security industry.


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