Looking for jobs in security in south east London?

It is compulsory for people in the security industry to undergo training and posses a valid Security Industry Association (SIA) licence. With a licence you can work in a variety of jobs in security in south east London including security guard, CCTV operator, door supervisor, private investigator and security consultant.

Applying to security companies in the area is a good way to start job hunting. Some of the main security firms in south east London include:

  • London Security Guards Ltd.; 9-11 Gunnery Terrace, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6SW. Tel: 0800 069 6966.
  • Premier Guarding UK; 1 Peall Road, Croydon CR0 3EX. Tel: 0845 299 7172.
  • Omni Security Services Ltd.; Montague Chambers, Montague Close, London SE1 9DA. Tel: 0800 917 8971.

Jobseekers can submit applications for positions via the career pages of thes companies websites. Alternatively you can submit a CV and cover letter expressing your interest, qulifications and relevant experience.

Recruitment agencies in the area can also help individuals find work in the security industry. Many have first hand knowledge of the business and have extensive client bases. Some of the more reputable include Reed Recruitment, SSR Personnel and Taylor Green.

Sites dedicated to advertising jobs in security such as securityvacancies.com and security-jobs.biz are free to search and easy to use. You can search jobs by type and location, submit a CV and contact the advertiser direct.

Jobs in security in south east London can also be found using newspapers, job centres, specialist publications and word of mouth. If you apply for any job, remember to always follow up your application.


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