Jobs as a Security Controller in Canary Wharf: Your SIA Licence

Today, all security officers must have a SIA licence for most jobs, including door supervision and CCTV controllers. The SIA licence ensures your training is up to the required standards for the job and lets the employ know your well qualified for positions; if you've previously obtained some security guard qualifications check the eligibility for an SIA licence, as you may already qualify. Some qualifications may make you exempt from taking more training and allow you to obtain an SIA licence in a shorter period of time.

Normally, an SIA licence covers you for three years, but if you want to apply for jobs as a security controller in Canary Wharf you may have to obtain a "non frontline" licence which normally lasts for a year. Controllers mainly work in management and supervision, which is why a different licence is required. If you want to work in CCTV security and surveillance, however, a frontline licence may cover you.

Canary Wharf is a major financial centre in London, so you're bound to find quite a few security jobs in the area. Some job positions may include:


Business Security

Because Canary Wharf is a major business district there are many finance business buildings in the area. Security is paramount at such centres and jobs are often 24 hour, requiring numerous security guards throughout the day. However, you will need a full frontline SIA licence to obtain a position in a business building and may need several years of experience in a similar field before being considered.


Major Banks

Several major banks are located in Canary Wharf, including their head office. Much like working as a security guard for a business centre you will need a frontline SIA licence and a proven track record in security before applying. You may need to be qualified in numerous areas of security and surveillance to apply for jobs with major banks.


Canary Pier

The pier at Canary Wharf is a central trading point. It requires 24 hour manned guarding by security guards as well as 24 hour CCTV surveillance. If you have a non-frontline SIA licence you're likely to find employment in CCTV surveillance in Canary Wharf's pier in particular.


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