Jobs that are seasonal: caravan park manager

If you are looking for jobs that are seasonal, caravan park manager opportunities could be the way to go. Here we look at where to find vacancies and what you'll need to get the job.

What does a caravan park manager do?

A caravan park manager performs a similar role to that of a hotel manager. Daily tasks may include rota-ing on staff (like cleaners or life guards), supervising staff, making and amending reservations, handling guest complaints, keeping financial records, ordering supplies, recruiting staff and ensuring that the caravan park is run to a high standard.

Are seasonal vacancies available?

A large proportion of caravan parks in the UK (and many throughout Europe) are seasonal. Standard opening times are April through to October. Some caravan parks open all year round while others only open June, July and August. Most job vacancies in caravan parks, from cleaners to managers, are seasonal in nature.

How do I find caravan manager vacancies?

Vacancies for caravan managers are normally advertised at least three months before the season starts or the manager is required. Most recruiters use national job search sites like Total Jobs, Job is Job, Monster and Reed. Others may utilise local media, like the classifieds section of your local newspaper. This is more common with smaller caravan parks.

What do I need to get the job?

No formal qualifications are required, but experience is necessary. This doesn't have to be in caravan park management (although it would be preferable), it can be in any form of hospitality or tourism management.


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