Jobs search worldwide - Native English teachers

Do carry out a jobs search worldwide for a native English teaching position before you decide on which country to settle in. Here are some countries to consider:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Countries to settle in


The land of the rising sun has long been considered as the settling point for some westerners. Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the east and certainly the most advanced of all in Asia.

The living standard is high so you don't have to worry about health, safety, work and education standards here. This of course, translates to a high cost of living.

Unlike other Asian countries, you won't experience a weather 'shock' here for Japan also enjoys the four seasons of the year.


Malaysia is a multiracial country of mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians. Each race is free to learn and speak in its own language. Freedom of religion is also practised here. English is commonly spoken here especially by those who are working. Almost all documents in the private sector are written in English.

Where to teach

Private educational institutions have the greatest need for your services as a native English teacher. Here are some:

  • Universities and colleges
  • International schools
  • Language centres

Universities and colleges

You may teach English to would be English teachers. You may also teach foundation English to prepare students for diploma and degree programmes.

International schools

You will be teaching the international syllabus here as the local teachers aren't trained in this area.

Language centres

You will be primarily teaching English for business to adult learners here.

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