How to find jobs as a school kitchen assistant

If you’re inspired by the Jamie Olivers and Nigellas of this world and you’re keen to start on the road to culinary superstardom(!) then starting as a school kitchen assistant is a great way to work your way up the ranks.

You will gain invaluable experience in the catering trade from the inside out, and if you can absorb information quickly and learn ‘on the job’ there are plenty of opportunities for promotion. Finding jobs as a school kitchen assistant will provide your CV with an educational catering backbone where you will gain skills that are easily transferable to other catering sectors.

You will learn the basic disciplines which will provide you with a solid launchpad for a career in catering. For the majority of assistant positions, experience won’t be necessary as training is provided on the job. This is a huge advantage as there is no barrier to entry. The most important attributes you will need to gain a job as a school kitchen assistant will be a willingness to learn, enthusiasm, a passion for catering and your ability to work as a member of a team. Some websites to get you started in your search are: Job Is Job - jobisjob.co.uk/school-kitchen-assistant/jobs and Fish 4 - fish4.co.uk/jobs/search/keywords-catering+assistant.

Due to the vast array of educational establishments in the UK, there are a wide range of positions available. It is worth reflecting on the type of environment you would be happiest working in. For example does the private or public school system appeal more to you? Typical duties as a school kitchen assistant will include food preparation, dining hall layout and preparation, serving food and keeping all serving areas clean and in line with hygiene regulations.


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