Check out some of these jobs for Saturday in Cambridge

Are you looking for some extra cash? Are you willing to work on weekends? Do you live in Cambridge? Well you are in luck! We are going to be taking a look at some places where you can try to find jobs for Saturday in Cambridge.

You be a little overwhelmed with the prospect of finding a job, but trust us, we know some places that you will love to work for on weekends. We suggest looking into supermarkets and shopping centres.  Why? Because these places offer flexible hours and a variety of different positions for you to apply to, all depending on what you would like to to most. Also, you will be able to earn between £5.10 to £5.90 per hour of your time.

If you don't have an issue handling food and interacting with customers, then we think that your local supermarket will be the best fit for you for a Saturday job. Depending on how much contact you want with food, there are is a range of jobs for you, whether it is stocking the shelves, making cakes in the bakery, or dealing with customers, their cash and their food as a cashier. Here are some locations you may want to give a try:

Sainsbury's Supermarket42-45 Sidney StreetCambridge01223 366 891

ASDA CambridgeColdham's LaneCambridge01223 531 600

Does the supermarket not really seem like your type of work? Then check out the local shopping centre.  They have a wide variety of stores, each with their own niche, that we are sure that one will strike your fancy. Whether you want to help sell electronics or clothing or accessories, the shopping centre centre is your all-in-one place to look for a job. We think a good place to look is the Grafton Shopping Centre where they have shops from Boots to H&M and La Senza to O2.

Grafton Shopping Centre46 Grafton CentreCambridge01223 316 201

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