Looking for jobs as a sales assistant in Crawley?

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Retail is a thriving industry in the UK and you will always find vacancies for sales assistants. When you are looking for jobs as a sales assistant in Crawley, you will need to ensure that your CV is looking its best

Your CV should give a detailed view of your past education and working life. It should also be free from any mistakes and shouldn't be any longer than two pages long.

Sales assistant vacancies can be found advertised in a range of places. Take a look in local newspapers such as The Crawley Observer. You can regularly find sales assistant positions advertised in the classifieds section. Local job websites are definitely worth visiting. You will find loads of job offers at crawleylocaljobs.co.uk.

Many people choose to simply take a walk through the shopping areas and hand their CV into any shops that they would like to work in. You should start your search at the County Mall shopping centre. There are over 90 high street shops here including Barratts, BHS, Boots and Debenhams to name but a few. Burger King and Subway are also present at the County Mall and new staff are employed on a regular basis.

You can apply for sales assistant jobs in loads of other places. Try all the supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. Also apply to any cinemas, entertainment centres or corner shops that you may come across.

As a sales assistant, you can expect to earn not much more than the minimum wage but it is an extremely enjoyable industry to work in. Start your job search now and log onto crawleylocaljobs.co.uk.

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