Jobs at Sainsbury supermarkets

Jobs at Sainsbury can be sought primarily through the careers section of the Sainsbury website. The careers page is divided up into several sections of work within Sainsbury; store roles, store management, store support centre, logistics, pharmacy and graduates.

There are a wealth of jobs at Sainsburys stores which are located throughout the UK. These roles include administration, confectioner, merchandising controller, general assistant, counter assistant and a whole host of other roles. Clicking on the 'in store' tab on the website will take you descriptions of each of these roles and the qualities Sainsbury look for when recruiting employees to their stores.

Managerial posts at Sainsburys are also plentiful as managers are required for many areas of the store to oversee human resource functions or ensure that the store runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Within the store support centre there are vacancies covering numerous occupations from marketing, IT, administration, logistics and warehousing, research and analysis and design. The opportunities for work with the organisation are endless and the Sainsbury career website provides detailed advice about the different roles and how to pursue a career with the organisation.

Sainsbury also offer a comprehensive graduate programme which is based on three areas of work; commercial, operations and people. Each of these programmes are divided up into two phases.

In phase one of the commercial programme, graduates will complete two six month placements at the store support centre beginning in the Buying department. This will give you the knowledge, skills and experience to source, negotiate and manage suppliers. The second placement is within marketing. The second phase of this programme you will spend three years in roles which Sainsbury describe are roles with 'measurable business objectives'

Alternatively, if you would prefer the operations programme, you will begin phase one as the manager of a department within a supermarket. From here you will then work in a Sainsbury's Local store and then you will spend a period of time working in logistics. The second phase of the programme will involve developing your managerial skills to become a manager in a Sainsbury's Store.

The third and final programme available to graduates is the people programme. In phase one your two six month placements could be in Human Resources, customer services, communications or corporate responsibility. Phase two will then provide you with the knowledge and skills to undertake line management responsibilities. If you would like to apply for any of these graduate programmes, then you can do so through the Sainsbury's website.

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