Jobs at Ridgeway Surgery

If you're looking for jobs at the Ridgeway Surgery you're not guaranteed to find much on your first try. In fact, you're better off leaving a CV with the surgery in case any vacancies arrive, or checking their site frequently to check for any updates on new job positions.

The Ridgeway Surgery has been running since 1935 in North Harrow and prides itself on its high standard medical care, using only the latest evidence-based methods to treat patients. There are several clinics at Ridgeway Surgery, including:

  • Travel clinic
  • Diabetes clinic
  • Swine flu/flu clinic
  • Cardiovascular clinic
  • INR clinic
  • Child development clinic
  • Dietic clinic
  • Psychology clinic.

There may be a variety of different job roles available at the Ridgeway Surgery, some of which may require specialists rather than standard nurses. If you have experience in any particular field or any of the above you may find a new position opening for you in the future at the Ridgeway Surgery, which is constantly adding new services to its list.


Types of Jobs at Ridgeway Clinic

Some of the jobs roles that may be available at the Ridgeway Clinic are:

  • Nursing roles from either registered nurses, certified nursing assistants or licensed practical nurse. Most clinics and services listed above make use of nurses as opposed to doctors, for example the travel clinic which provides vaccinations for vacationers is provided solely by the travel nurse.
  • Receptionist and administration roles may be available in some cases, which generally include answering the phone and dealing with paperwork. Normally, specialised education and training is not required for these roles but it is often expected that you have some form of experience in the field.
  • General practitioners may be required for the expanding surgery, but it is expected that all doctors have some level of experience, good training and an excellent track record for jobs in the Ridgeway Surgery.

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