Examining Jobs a Restorative Justice Graduate Might Pursue

Restorative Justice is a program that can be taken as either a concentration or a Masters program. Students will leave it with an increased understanding of how to manage conflict and will be better at finding ways to bring out the best in those who need a little bit of help. Those who are looking for a compassion-driven and people-oriented career, may want to consider the jobs a Restorative Justice graduate would likely take.

Major Industries

When it comes to jobs that involve a lot of counseling and support of people, you are better off focusing on the non-profit sector where employment is concerned. Although you will certainly find organizations that are devoted to the rehabilitation of offenders, most of them will be offering their services in conjunction with local government ministries. Even so, if you have a first degree in a relevant but separate field like social work or counseling, it is possible to get hired directly into other types of situations.

What Does the Salary Look Like?

How much you make will likely depend on a combination of the positions you are applying for and your years of experience in the field. That being said, most jobs appear to pay roughly £22,000 a year as a start and gradually increase the farther up the ladder you go.

Who Would You End Up Working For?

Although this will certainly depend to a large extent on what your other qualifications are, it's a safe bet that most people in this program will end up in the non-profit sector because this degree is focused mostly on interacting with people and seeking alternatives to prison. That being said, community and clergy work is another option as well. Due to the strength of their overall degrees however, those who pursue this program will likely be able to get into other positions if they so wish.

Those looking into getting jobs as Restorative Justice Graduates have a lot of flexibility in terms of where they are able to find employment although most will probably find themselves in the not-for-profit industry. It requires a lot of time and commitment, but all in all it’s a very rewarding line of work.

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