Need help with jobs required immediately by graduates?

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It's a common mistake for graduates to make. Thinking now that college is over I can relax and take it easy. Nothing could be further from the truth, and with the economy still in a sluggish state, jobs required immediately by graduates are in high demand.

It's crucial to do your research when you're in the market for graduate jobs. You'll probably need to go further than the standard job search engines, such as Total Jobs and Indeed, and start targeting specific companies in your chosen field.

And you'll need to make adjustments to your CV for each job you apply for. Set up Google alerts to be the first to hear of new vacancies that become available.

Job fairs are regularly hosted by universities, companies and industries for graduates and are fantastic places to make contacts with the movers and shakers of the business world. Do your research beforehand and bring plenty of carefully prepared CVs.

Employers place a high value on job fairs because they attract the best and brightest job seekers and this creates a dynamic window of opportunity at these events that's not to be missed.

And remember not to be too fussy when you're looking for your first job after college. Any job can be the start of a career and don't be afraid to look around for work in as many places as possible.

Internships and part time positions may not be the best paying jobs in the world, but can be an invaluable experience and should not be overlooked.


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