Jobs for a receptionist in Leeds

Receptionists can find employment in a number of different businesses and organisations. While many office jobs are somewhat limited by requirements that are specific to the business in question, receptionists possess primarily universal skills that can be applied to many working environments. There are a number of jobs for receptionists in Leeds, including full time, part time and shift work.

Those who wish to work as receptionists will generally be required to have some experience in a customer service background. A professional appearance and a good phone manner are essential, regardless of the nature of the employer. Salaries for receptionists in Leeds begin in the region of £14,000 per annum but do vary.

While there are a number of universal skills which receptionists must possess, occasionally some specialist knowledge is required also. For example hotel receptionists are generally expected to be familiar with hotel booking software such as Fidelio or Capterra. Hotel receptionists in Leeds may also be required to undertake shift work.

Receptionist jobs generally involve greeting visitors to the premises on their arrival at the reception desk. Additional duties include taking phone calls, scheduling meetings and ordering office supplies. Receptionists are often responsible for the writing and transmission of company wide emails, usually to notify staff members of upcoming events or training. Receptionists who are assigned to specific higher level staff members may also work in a personal assistant capacity.

Those looking for jobs for a receptionist in Leeds can search the various job sites, such as clickajob.co.uk and jobrapido.co.uk.

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