How to get jobs as a receptionist in Birmingham

When you’re looking for jobs as a receptionist in Birmingham, there are high chances that you will need to go through an interview stage. The interview is the first chance for prospective employers to find out more about you and get a feel of who you are. Here are three ways to help you secure that job.

1.   Research the Company

Before you walk into an interview, you need to know about the company that you will possibly work for. Take your time to research into the company and find out more about them. What services do they offer? Who are their main clients? Are there new products that they’re releasing? This will help to prove you’re interested in them and not just a job that pays.

2.    Dress Correctly

As already stated, this is the first chance that the employer will get to see who you really are and your appearance will say a lot. Even mud on your boots can prevent you from getting that job. Remember that you want to look like you’re interested in succeeding and not just to put some money in your bank account.

3.    Ask the Interviewer Questions

This will prove that you’re interested in the role. You should ask questions that will help you find out more about the role that you’ll be doing. Just because you’re after jobs as a receptionist in Birmingham doesn’t mean that it’ll all be self-explanatory; you never know if there’s something else that will be expected of you.

There are a number of different companies in Birmingham that you could find vacancies with and many of them are in the city centre. There are also a number of agencies that are willing to help you find those roles, such as Blue Arrow on New Street and Kelly Services on Waterloo Street.

Companies like The Belfrey look for receptions on a regular basis to help with their front of house. The Belfrey is just one leisure and golf centre in Birmingham and there are may more. Law Firms, like Wragge and Co, are other companies that will look for receptionists to help them with the daily running of their business.


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