Available Jobs in Quadrant Catering Limited

If you are looking for work in the catering industry perhaps you should check out the available jobs in Quadrant catering limited. They are currently hiring for 7 positions all over the country so i'm sure they will have something to suit you.

First of all Quadrant catering are looking for entry level Catering assistants in both Nottinghamshire and Avon or if you prefer to work nights they are looking for a nightshift catering assistant in Sunderland. These jobs come with a salary of £6.67 an hour and promise to give anyone a leg up into the catering world where experience is key.

For the more experienced caterer Quadrant are looking for customer service assistants and food service assistants in Manchester, Tonbridge and Bradford. These positions are perfect for experienced caterers who have found work hard to come by during the recession. These positions are available for an immeadiate start and are offering a negotiable salary based on experience.


Lastly there is one position going for a head chef in Sunderland. This opportunity will go to the most qualified applicant so make sure you have your CV fully updated. The salary is £8.32 an hour and is available for an immeadiate start.

Quadrant are the largest catering providers in the UK serving thousands of people everyday. Landing a job here could be just the jumpstart your own career needs in these hard times if you want to check out the jobs for yourself you can head to http://www.n-jobs.co.uk/quadrant-catering-limited-jobs.html where you can apply online.

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