Jobs for PTS Labourers

Labourers who wish to work on or near a railway line in the UK must be in possession of a valid and up-to-date Personal Track Safety (PTS) card. This is a government regulation and it is therefore illegal for any employer to place non-PTS workers in the vicinity of a railway track. As a result of this ruling there are quite a few jobs for PTS labourers available throughout the country.

In order to obtain a PTS card candidates must satisfy a number of requirements. Firstly they must be sponsored by a recognised employer. Once they have applied for their card they will then have to undergo a medical examination, which will test eyesight, hearing and overall health. They must also agree to a mandatory drug and alcohol test. Finally candidates must complete a track safety awareness course, which is assessed upon completion. If the applicant passes the examination they will then be eligible for a PTS card.

Any positions which require workers to be in possession of a PTS card can be classed as jobs for PTS labourers. These can include openings for bricklayers, joiners, electricians, steel-workers etc.

Most jobs for PTS labourers tend to be part-time or contract based. Generally companies find that they have incidental work that must take place on or near a railway line. In order to continue with their operations they will then have to obtain the services of PTS labourers. Advertisements and listings of jobs for PTS labourers can be found on recruitment websites such as http://www.jobrapido.co.uk and http://www.indeed.co.uk/.

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