Jobs at Princess Wales Hospital

If you're looking for any jobs at Princess Wales hospital you will have to apply through the NHS's online recruitment site. When applying for jobs you'll need to register and fill in your personal information, including your work experience and education, and then fill out individual application forms. Although signing up for the NHS recruitment site may seem like a long and confusing process, there are actually a few handy benefits to the system:

  • You can apply for all jobs with one pre-saved application and only need to fill out a few different fields per job.
  • You can receive direct e-mails for any new job postings in your field of work or area.
  • You have access to the largest job database for NHS vacancies on the internet and can easily search and apply to any job relevant to you directly.
  • You can add jobs to your basket to apply to later on, or save an application and complete it at a later date.
  • The NHS system will send you closing date details on any application you are completing and warn you of any deadline dates.
  • You can follow the progress of your application online through the NHS site.
  • The system allows you to keep track of interview dates and can even send you an e-mail to let you know of any upcoming interview details.

If you are interested in executive roles, interim or management roles in Princess Wales hospital you can register for their specific NHS Flexible Resourcing part of the site. For all current jobs at Princess Wales hospital, go to: http://www.nhs.jobs.uk.

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