How to find jobs in Primark for Security Officers

Primark operate over 200 stores throughout Europe. Each of these stores requires a number of security officers to protect the safety of customers, staff and to make sure the premises is secure at all times. Primark does not employ security officers directly, but instead engages a private contractor which is currently Advance Security. Therefore if you wish to obtain any of the jobs with Primark for Security Officers, you will need to be employed by the appropriate security agency first.

The general duties of a security officer in Primark include monitoring customers in the store, dealing with disruptive individuals and executing anti-theft measures. Along with jobs with Primark in security, other types of security positions offered by Advance Security include roles as Corporate Security Officers and there are many vacancies currently available.

If you are applying to a security agency like Advance Security qualifications and experience are usually not required. It is however important that you do not have any criminal convictions, and that you can supply a complete work history for the past five years. They also stipulate that you must be a UK resident. All training is provided by the company, beginning with basic First Aid and progressing from there. A formal training progression is provided by Advance Security leading to qualifications such as an NVQ in Customer Service and a BTEC in Understanding Counter Terrorism.

Those who are interested in applying for jobs with Primark for Security officers can contact Advance Security at advancesecurity.co.uk. Good luck!

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