Recruiments Sites: Jobs with the Police

Most cities will have their own police force (such as the GMP for Greater Manchester) and therefore their own recruitment process or recruitment site. If you're looking for a specific location for jobs in the police force you should visit your local area's police force website and browse for job vacancies in your area.

There are various jobs in police areas available, such as council enforcement positions, community safety, fraud investigation, civilian police support, social housing, police training and police management (amongst others). Your specific qualifications and experience will only be relevant for a few of these areas, so make sure you check the police jobs requirement meets both your personal career expectations and correspond with your current level of experience.


PoliceJobs (http://www.police-jobs.co.uk)

PoliceJobs offers jobs in the police force and police recruitment in various areas and expertise. You can create an account and profile detailing your relevant experience (or upload a CV) and browse current police jobs posted by clients across the UK. Once you have registered with PoliceJobs, you can instantly apply to vacancies through their online system.


All Police Jobs (http://www.allpolicejobs.co.uk/)

All Police Jobs has various search functions for jobs in police forces posted all over the UK. You can look for the most recent vacancies (such as positions posted on the same day), view vacancies closing soon or search for specific job titles. The website also allows users to create an account online and upload their employment history or personal details, as well as a "Joining the Police" page to help anyone looking for a career change.


Blue Line News (http://www.bluelinejobs.co.uk/)

As well as posting current vacancies Blue Line News also provides the most recent updates to the jobs and police markets across the UK. The site also offers advice for police profressionals, interview techniques, career change guides and a bulletin board to post your CV to for clients looking for police officers.

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