Looking for jobs plumbing in Newcastle upon Tyne?

With the collapse of the housing development market in the United Kingdom following the economic troubles that started back in 2008, finding jobs plumbing in Newcastle upon Tyne has been quite a tricky prospect for many people. With less new houses being built, many experienced plumbers have had to settle for maintenance jobs rather than the outright specialist plumbing positions that they were so used to during the boom years of the mid 00s.

Another problem that the economic issues has caused is the fact that there are now so many people searching for work that it has become almost impossible to find positions for plumbers. Fortunately there are a number of different things that you could do to enhance your chances of finding jobs plumbing in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The first thing we suggest is to ensure that your CV is up to scratch. This way you know that any applications you make will have the best possible chance of being successful. You can check out cvwriting.net for loads of helpful advice on how to present your CV in a clear and professional manner. You can also find lots of information on writing excellent cover letters on that site.

Once your CV is up to scratch you're going to need to begin the job search. Rather than spending all your time searching online, we recommend that you go direct to the major plumbing companies in the Newcastle area to see if they're hiring. To help you with this we have compiled a list of the most popular ones below;

  • Dennis's Plumbing Services, 18 Bournemouth Gardens
  • Gateshead Plumbing, 21 Highfeelt Road, Gateshead
  • GPS Boiler Installations, 8 Albury Road
  • PTS Plumbing, 50-54 Union Street
  • Newcastle Plumbing Services, 49 Northumberland Street

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